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Trekking means travelling on foot along the many ancient pathways that lead into the valleys of the towering Peru´s.
Trekking means visiting remote regions accessible only on foot, where ancient cultures are still relatevely undisturbed and can be experienced as they are.


It is the largest and highest tropical mountain range in the world and certainly also the most beautiful. It consists of a chain of one hundred and fifty miles, with majestic glaciers which surpass 6,000 meters above sea level, among them the world's most beautiful mountain, Alpamayo (5,947 m), and Huascaran a height of 6,768 feet even touch the purest blue sky Peru.


Se extiende desde los 300 msnm, en la confluencia del río Manu con el río Madre de Dios, hasta los 3 800 msnm en la cumbre de la montaña Apu Kañajhuay. Algunos investigadores creen que en las zonas vírgenes de esta reserva se halla el Paititi o ciudad perdida de los Incas.
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